A history of cowards?


I was thinking about all the freedom fighters all over the worlds. Some are in it for the riches they can get to through the struggle.  In South America the oppressed groups I know of are often linked to drugs and kidnapping.  In most wars I have read about the people who are in a struggle attack the people who are the root cause of the problem.  Just look at Syria now.  They aren’t running around blowing up wedding parties or Olympic athletes. They are ordinary people just trying to get their freedom from an oppressive regime.  They attack the government they are oppressed by.  I would assume that was the normal reaction if war can be categorized as normal at all.

Why is it different with Islamic fundamentalist and terrorism?  I wonder.  It’s not just me is it?  When did you last hear of an attack from them on Israeli soldiers? How come?   I am not asking for them to attack Israeli soldiers. I would rather that they did not.  I am just wondering about the thinking of the people involved.

Lets look at the attacks. 

 Let’s look at 911. They got 4 jets and what did they do.

  • Pentagon – Military.
  • White house – Considered military and Civilian.  The President is the top of the military chain.
  • Twin towers – By no means military.  Just a target to hurt as many as possible.

They did attack USS Cole and they did attack the embassies in Africa 1998.  

  • Cole 2000 – Military.
  • Embassy 1998 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Government – not military.
  • Embassy 1998 Nairobi, Kenya – Government – not military




Now let’s look at the actions they have taken that are absolutely civilian attacks. And mind that this list is not covering all of them.

  • Theater in Russia 2002. – Civilian. Just a cowardly raid. No matter what the Russians did in chechnya.
  • Istanbul bombings 2003.  Attacking synagogues. Then a bank.
  • Madrid 2004 – Attacked the train system of Madrid.
  • Mumbai 2008 – They attacked a hotel, café, children’s hospital and cinema among other sites.
  • Russia Beslan 2004 – The Beslan school hostage taking.
  • UK London bombings 2005 – attack on the train system.
  • Delhi bombings 2005 – Attack on markets and a bus. 

The Palestinian situation is in a category of its own.   They do have a cause that is legit and something should be done to help them. That said they almost never choose a military target. The sad truth of the attacks from them on Israel is the story of attacks on parties, café shops, bus stops, weddings and so on. It’s just mind blowing to think that someone can justify this.  Even when they did have access to Israel they don’t have today they almost never picked a military target.


It’s just interesting to read through this. I am not saying that the people in the struggles involved do not have anything to complain about.  I’m just wondering why if they believe they are in war they don’t attack the warriors of the enemy. Why attack children and people who many would agree with their struggle to begin with? 

It is said that you should judge people by their actions. Those actions sure do look like cowardly attacks to me.

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