Cowards in history – Famous Cowards

Chicken or a coward?

History has many people who are honorable and show mental and physical strength beyond what people might expect of them.  Then there are the others.  Some people have just done things that merit a special place among the cowards off history. So what are the worlds most famous cowards.  I have made a list of deserving people for that dishonor.  Some are more deserving than others.

    1. Judas Iscariot is told to have betrayed Jesus with a kiss.  A truly cowardly act.

      Judas the coward betraying with a kiss

    2. Muammar Gaddafi was famous for flashy military customs and big defiant statements. He gets a special place as a coward of history for the evil cowardly Lockerbie bombing.  He was responsible for killing a total of 270 people through his agent’s actions. He also proudly ended his life hiding in a drainage pipe and was killed by his own countrymen. All the  bold things he said mounted for nothing in the end.

      Ghaddafi did not live up to his bold statements and hid in a drainage pipe

    3. Saddam Hussein was another tyrant sociopath. In his role as the ruler of Iraq he gassed the population of a Kurdish town killing thousands of men, women and children. In life he was cruel and very hard on his peoples.  The mass graves found after his reign are monument to his cowardly rule.  He promised the world the mother of all wars but ended his reign much like Ghaddafi in a hole.

      Saddam did not have a ace in the hole, just a hole.

    4. Anders Bering Breivik the killer of 77 people. Mostly young defenseless people and children that he cornered on an island. The mass murderer so enjoyed his killing spree that he was said to have laughed during the killings. He is the definition of cowardice.

      Anders is crying over a silly video he himself made at home. He was very impressed.

    5. Joseph Stalin was a leader that was able to show his cowardice in many different ways. He betrayed anyone around himself. Thought to have poisoned, killed and outlawed his fellow leaders in Russia. Having betrayed his Czechoslovakian defense contract during WWII and leaving the Czechs to fend for them self’s. His status as a coward is solidified by his treatment of his own military. Forcing them to shot their own soldiers if they backed down during battles. His orders to kill POWs the Red Army captured and slave camps Stalin had made for POWs and his own people. In his time as supreme leader of the USSR Stalin had many ethnic cleansing programs in place that had people shipped to other countries and to the gulags.   Stalin’s victims are counted in the millions. It is estimated that  20 to 30 million are likely to have died as a result of his actions.

      The monster of the Soviet Union. Killer of millions with some good advertising people.

    6. Osama Bin Laden made this list as a typical guy who asked his warriors to attack civilian targets. Osama spent his life hiding from his enemies after killing thousands of people on 911. Always willing and able to let his followers that often were uneducated young people run in to death for him. Someone should perhaps have introduced him to the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Live by the gun and die by the gun.  It takes a man with balls and endurance to do it the peaceful way.

      Could Osama have made more difference by public speaking and demonstrating?

    7. Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia. After the huge cruise ship sank and Schettino abandoned the ship ahead of passengers. Claiming he was going to control the rescue effort from his escape vessel did not sound convincing.  He is another welcome addition to the list of cowards.

      Coward of the cruise liner Costa Concordia.

    8. J. BRUCE ISMAY was famous for abandoning ship during the sinking of the Titanic. Leaving women and children to die. He was at the time the managing director of White star line that built the Titanic. To his defense some told that there were no women or children around when they left the ship.

      Joseph Bruce Ismay perhaps a mistaken coward?

    9. Yiannis Avranas, former captain of the sunken Greek cruise liner Oceanos.  Did pretty much the same thing Francesco Schettino except that he took the chopper lika a chicken to shore.  He might be the biggest chicken off all.

      Captain Yannis Avranias took the chopper to shore.

    10. Ted Kennedy famously ran from a car accident.  The driver of the car was reported to have lived for possibly few hours after the accident. Kennedy did not report the accident until the next morning. To his defense he was a young man at the time and people do make mistake.

      Did Ted Kennedy leave a girl to die by accident?

    11. Robert Ford who shot the famous Jesse James in the back. Although a cowardly act he did the world a favore.

      The killer Robert Ford and his victim Jesse, here shown with no bullet holes in his back.

    12. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was the killer of 16 afghan citizens.  By sneaking off base and going to a village nearby he earns his place on the list of cowards. He shot and killed 16 men women and children who had done absolutely nothing. He then burned the remains of many of them. A truly evil act. His actions are likely to have contributed to loss off coalition forces as the Taliban reacted. His betrayal was great for both his fellow soldiers and the people he was meant to protect.

      Robert Bales did his evil deeds to unarmed defenseless people, shame on him

      Hope you share these shiny beacons of shameful behavior to your friends.

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14 Responses to “Cowards in history – Famous Cowards”

  1. Orun says:

    Regardless of the skewed intentions these individuals may have had, some of them exhibited highly driven and capable character. How do you think they ascended to positions of such power?

  2. Nietzsches_Laughter says:

    I would definitely note place Ghandi on a list of brave men, considering he only lived up to his pacifistic policy when dealing with governing bodies. He was considered a cruel, adulterous husband, and was very blatantly racist. On top of that, his view was that India should have returned to a tribal way of life, including their tendency towards interfiefdom war.

  3. Tilda Swiller says:

    With almost everything which seems to be building throughout this subject material, your viewpoints happen to be relatively refreshing. In any event I did enjoy reading it. Arizona Family Dental, 590 N Alma School Rd #5, Chandler AZ 85224

  4. Steve P says:

    I think the proper word to use in your title and throughout your article is “infamous” not “famous”

    Oh and Tilda, nice spam…

  5. Righteous Robert says:

    The 3 Biggest Cowards in American History:
    1) President FORD or his real name Leslie Lynch King Jr.
    2) President Nixon who sent me to Vietnam
    3) President LBJ who is a Texas a-hole.

    President Ford earlier in the 1960′s signed
    off on the Biggest Lie in American History
    The Warren Commission Report.
    Ford also Pardoned the Criminal Nixon.

    Presidents LBJ and Nixon Killed almost 59,000
    of their fellow Americans in Vietnam
    taking the arms and legs of many Vietnam Vets
    and giving us Vietnam Vets cancer with being
    Posioned by the use of Agent Orange.

    AMERICA killed 2,000,000 Vietnamese in a FAKE War.

    I’m sure these Three Presidents reside in HELL.

    Reparations for Vietnam Vets
    Righteous Robert
    Baltimore Bob

  6. Schmoe Von Tiddlywinks says:

    Kennedy was a pig who left a girl to die. You left off O.J. Simpson who basically almost decapitated 2 innocent people. You left off Casey Anthony who murdered her innocent young daughter in Florida.

  7. Josh says:

    Tricky list, because quite often these guys were just not sane. Anders Bering Brevik was clearly not a well man for example. There’s a difference between being properly insane and being cowardly.

    You should make a list of the worst leaders of all time, I think. It should involve people that lead their followers to their own destruction, like Ghaddafi, various cult leaders (Branch Davidians springs to mind..?), Scott of the Antartic who encouraged his men to follow him to a “Noble Death”, Bernays for introducing Psychoanalysis to America and causing to lose almost all democratic status entirely for decades, Lord Nolan for leading the charge of the Light Brigade, Bonnie Prince Charlie for leading the Scottish into a suicidal war with England then fleeing the country once he lost. King Darius III deserves honourable mention for the *numberable* accounts of his bad tactics in warfare leading to the deaths of thousands of his men at the hands of Alexander.

    In short, people who have been far to in love with themselves to take care of the people they lead.

  8. Fat Dave says:

    Bonnie Prince Charlie did not lead Scotland into a war with England. He was trying to recover the British throne to his Stewart family.
    There were English and Scots on his side and English and Scots who opposed him.

  9. Stig says:

    Ismay was almost certainly wrongly accused of cowardise and should not be on this list. A lot of your cowards were tyrants and criminals, but not necessarily lacking in personal bravery.

  10. Stephen FitzGerald says:

    Why isn’t Stephen Finnegan on this list?

  11. How many cowards are here today. ? IS there more than ten ? Is there more than 25 ? Think about the ones from Korea , Viet Nam , World war II .

    There are more brave people here than ,thank GOD, cowards . Audie Murphy was a hero from World War II. Hitler was a COWARD . 185 men died in the ALOMO ! More Americans died in the Civil War than any other War.

    SO I ask again How many cowards are there today ?

  12. Aubrey cheryl says:

    america itself is again one of the biggest cowards in history how can they maintain the value of the u.s.a. Dollar by creating enemity between africans and then encourage them to buy amnunion from them is this normal ……. We wanna be different as we wanna be but u can’t kill people!!!!!

  13. Andrew K. says:

    You forgot Yoo Seung-jun, the BIGGEST pussy in Korean history

  14. Let the Sun shine says:

    Anyone who covers there face in action!

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