Heart found for Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney







Dick Cheney former Vice President gets a new heart in a heart transplant.  Only after doctors found in a routine check that there was no heart there.  Cheney was amazed himself at this discovery but says it all makes sense now. He now says he understands his earlier lack of compassion and understanding.

He maintains that he will resign from the Republican Party and join the Obama campaign when he leaves the hospital.  He himself did not need Obama care but now he is full of warm hearted feelings for his poorer countrymen. He says that he will leave his lifelong pursuit for wealth and special interests. He also expressed great regret for shooting his buddy during the Texas quail hunt in 2006. He would never behave like that again, even if someone shot his bird first.

Dick is in recovery and feels much better

Only after heavy research did doctors find a suitable heart for Dick.  The donor is not being disclosed but the doctors released information saying the donor was an African American woman from the entertainment industry.

Its bin reported that Dick is now singing all the time and last reporters heard of him he was singing a well known tune “how will I know you really love me.”


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