How inprivate browsing works


So you are doing something naughty online hehe, or perhaps just trying to get your nosy boss out of your affairs?  Then you should read this. First of all, what is inprivate browsing? It’s the way Microsoft allows you to browse the web without collecting information about it and storing it on your computer. It’s really just an easy way to clear your history as it is removed when the browser is closed.  You should be aware that even if you use inprivate browsing it will not stop the server collecting your information and you do not have any control over the network to the server.  Also the information you get from servers is not encrypted just because it’s inprivate. In simple terms this is only protecting your computer from storing the browsing data in history.

How do you use inprivate browsing?

It’s very simple.  Switch to your Internet explorer and press Ctrl-Shift-P at the same time.  Just remember that the P is for private.  Browse away and remember: Do not do anything illegal.





Does inprivate browsing work with other browsers?

Yes it does.  Chrome does the same with Ctrl-Shift-N.   In Chrome it’s called Incognito window.





In Firefox it’s called Private browsing.  The same inprivate browsing shortcuts work for Internet explorer:  Ctrl-Shift-P.





Enjoy your online experience.

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