The asshole theory. Are BMW owners assholes or just misunderstood?

Here we have the everyday BMW owner. Well dressed but instinct tells me he is an asshole.

There is this urban myth that owners of BMWs are assholes. Is this true?  Could it be that there is more concentration of assholes driving BMWs than any other vehicle? No one knows for real but there are theories as to how this might be. I have known many BMW owners in my life. Some are just fantastic assholes and that is what got me interested.  I was starting to see a pattern and as my life goes on the pattern becomes clearer to me.  Why might this be I ask?

There are few possible reasons for BMW owners being dicks. Here they come.

  • Research done be the University of Vienna with a collaborator from University of Florida found that people often see fronts of cars as faces or face-like.  The front of a BMW does have something of a bird of prey look. Young bucks still not out of the “I drive a cool car phase” want to look cool. Buying the less expensive BMWs and drive around like the jerks they are. At some time in their life many of them will grow up and buy a Mercedes.
  • To people of class the obvious choice would be a fine Mercedes. To “step on anyone to get up the corporate ladder type” the BMW is just the same because they just don’t know the difference.
  • When looking for a spouse a human is said to be more likely to find a spouse that has likeness in facial features to him.  This might translate just fine when looking at the angry looking front of the BMW. Being an angry cruel asshole the average BMW owner feels like looking in to a mirror when choosing his first BMW to take home.  Well it’s a theory… LOL
  • The BMW is usually fast. Testosterone is linked with aggression. Drivers who are aggressive might also like fast cars. One might be tempted to link the fast driving, aggression and testosterone with the behavior of the typical BMW jerk.
  • Flashy cars do attract women. Yes they do.  If you want to be wanted one of the ways is to drive a BMW. Guys in the business of attracting women with flashy cars are also often pricks.
  • Drug dealers like BMW.  A quick Google search shows it clearly, and you know google is never going to fail LOL. They also like Mercedes and Cadillac, Hummer, Toyota, Honda and Lincoln.  I am surely not trying to link drug dealers to BMW.  Although the only drug dealers I have known and known off have driven a BMW.
  • Lawyers, the standup guys they are often drive BMW. I am not a lawyer. This is probably just envy.
  • I do not know why but there are quite a few steroid eating super muscled guys around me that drive BMWs. Being of the type that does anything to get to a goal they fit just fine. With every dose of steroids they eat they also eat automatically a bit of aggressive behavior and become the asshole the BMW needs.
  • Bankers…  I rest my case.


A dumbass BMW driver behaving just as expected.

NOTE: If you are a BMW owner you might not be an asshole.  It is certainly possible though unlikely.

And finally something of a riddle.

What’s the diff between a BMW and a porcupine?

Porcupines have pricks on the outside.


Then again this might all just be a case of global BMW envy.

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85 Responses to “The asshole theory. Are BMW owners assholes or just misunderstood?”

  1. SammyDavisSnr says:

    “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank BMW drivers for letting us be in their world.” – Henry Hunter

  2. Bimmer says:

    BMW’s are just superior cars in every way. They put a smile on your face every time you drive one. They’re fast,comfortable,safe,beautiful etc… If you haven’t driven one, you are missing out. Bimmer drivers may seem like bad drivers but the truth is that your cars just don’t perform the same way. We can take off faster, stop sooner, corner at higher speeds and do it in a safe and fun manner. Get over yourselves. Maybe you should have studied harder in school so you could afford one for yourself. BTW Mercedes makes trucks and delivery vans. Real “classy”. BMW makes the best cars in the world sorry for driving them the way they were meant to be driven.

    • PK says:

      That’s strange, I went to school, make good money (could easily afford a BMW or any other expensive car) but, silly me, I prefer to invest the money on a place closer to work so my commute is a stress free 5 minutes (I bike to work in good weather.) In addition, I don’t feel the need to be an inconsiderate, reckless driver when I am on the road for longer drives. Amazing, huh?

      The best drivers I’ve ever seen are milk truck drivers in Finland and Lada taxi drivers in Siberia. They have to be because of the poor equipment and conditions. On the other hand, someone with anti-lock brakes, air bags, etc on a well paved summer road may come to think that the superior equipment and conditions allows them to slack. So sure, if you’re a lousy driver buy the best car possible to compensate (for that and other things…)

      • BMW sucks says:

        You clearly have never been to Russia. Therefore lie, therefore liar.

      • Bavarian pride says:

        I am from Finland, and because of the poor weather most of the time it is only reasonable choice to buy BMW. I make nice cash, but i still choose to get early 2000s biimers because they are just great to drive. Only downside is the work to find low mileage ones, but when you find nice one you get car that has quality without downgraded materials because of recycling mania, nice naturally aspired big engine without useless turbocrap to please hippies and most of all great dynamic driving experience without pain in the ass electric so called safety equipment made to keep the “320 people” from crashing.

        My honest opinion is that BMW fan’s aka assholes get cars with at least 3.0, those that get small ones just want to look like ahole so they wouldn’t get the wussylooks they deserve.

    • SomeGuy says:

      Accident statistics tell us that the world’s shittiest drivers are in fact those in BMW’s.

      I always hated BMW’s not because all BMW drivers are assholes but because all assholes drive BMWs. But I wanted to give the car a chance and rented one for two weeks to try how it handles. And unfortunately I have to say that it was real shit compared to other “better” cars (I own Mercedes and Jaguar) The BMW was brand new 520 and was too heavy for such an engine. Perhaps some M5 would do better. Also, the handling was nothing. I rented a Mini Countryman the next time (also made by BMW) and that was way way superior to the 520 in terms of handling regardles even smaller engine. But to stay on the honest side, my C class Mercedes is too soft and good only for city driving, the Jag is so hard that driving in a city is a mission impossible but driving it for over 2000 km far was amazing. The most fun car I’ve ever had was Subaru Impreza!

      • A says:

        You cannot say anything about handling if you’re driving a 5 series with a 2.0 motor. Try renting a 535 or 550. Better than that, go with 3 series, please. Then think of handling

    • Johnathon says:

      Bimmer, You know the art of shoveling the bullshit, boy!

    • Rob W says:

      So they were designed to cut people off, cause accidents, and swerve erratically while you’re texting on the interstate at high speeds?

      Were they also designed to nearly cause a 10 car pileup by cutting across 4 lanes of traffic because you’re too stupid to know where you are on the road or in relation to your destination?

      There are better cars, but not better cars for assholes such as yourself.

    • Sam says:

      You’re coming across like some brainwashed imbecile

  3. Robert Marley says:

    BMW 320cd owner (since new in 2005).

    I answer despite de date of the first message.

    Excellent, I’m still laughing and it’s rather rare nowadays, thanks a lot.

    I love the picture, frankly it would be fun to have a mask like this while driving the car.

    I have another one for you, in France we say “BMW is like hemoroids.
    Do you know why ? Because all the assholes got some”.
    In Monaco that’s the same. A guy I know, he’ working at the SBM (Casino company), told me some month ago that everybody there says it is a Portuguese.

    Alright. I like this car because it is quick, precise and above everything it is rear wheels drive which is perfect to pilot, hum excuse me, to drive (you see I am turning in an asshole as soon as I’m thinking about this car).

    Beside that I can only confirm what you say. I like to show off sometime. I am not aggressive but I frankly fight if necessary without speaking too much if you see what I mean. I think that people are right to be threaten by BMW drivers.
    They are sport cars so who do you think you are going to find inside, a weak person ?

    Nevertheless, thanks again for your post.


    • Johnathon says:

      Robert Marley, Awwww, spoken like the true asshole that you are. I’m glad that I don’t suffer from your infantile stature. The little prick that’s smug as can be pretending to be a “somebody” in his BMW. But, one evening he pisses off a dude on the road, a big dude, someone with little tolerance to mini mite men in their BMWs. Mr. BMW man, it won’t be a flip of the middle finger in your Max Factored airbrushed tanned face, it’ll be the full fist of a tremendously pissed motorist whose going to smash your face in! Do I hear the little tinkle, tinkle of the vaneers falling off of your teeth?!

    • Marka says:


      You made me laugh… The mask comment is awesome! Would be funny to have it while driving hahah

  4. Lewis says:

    Well first and foremost as a 6 time BMW owner I guess that makes me a 6 time asshole!. Well truth be told…..yes I am an asshole, but not because of the BMW……no no no no no. But because of the way people look at me when they see me driving one.

    Jealousy brings out the worst in people, and when people approach you at their worst do you think that I’m going to be pleasent? Of course not. Your are going to get nothing but a Grade A, BMW Driving, Asshole responding back at you.

    So here’s my theory…….if the general population was not jealous, or bitter and treated BMW drivers with the same respect they treat that dude in the corolla then perhaps us BMW drivers would be a little more tolerable and pleaseent to deal with.

    And if you don’t like the fact that BMW are in fact assholes……well take the bus and get your busted up honda out of my way.

    Just saying

    • sasa says:

      I do not have beaten up Honda, but how deep is your pocket should not define way you drive.This is generally the rule of driving on the road…But if you can afford wrapping your beautiful BMW around a lamp post, go ahead and be my guest, but do not expect me to move my brand spanking new CR-v to your testosterone joy ride.This morning I had a lady with crappiest of the BMW X-1 trying to bully me and cut in while I already passed her beyond point of her actually safely merge into my lane, she started this without checking her blind spot…So in short BMW drivers ARE assholes.Your answer proves it.But keep in mind today every third vehicle is equipped with a dash cam.It will be a pleasure posting a video of you or any other idiot that actually THINK that I am jealous of your penis extension or any other shortcoming that you are trying to compensate with your car! I can afford your car but as I said I have nothing to prove to myself (balding head?Small penis?) or the society, or to my boss or to my trophy wife…Say hello to the lamp post or the tree.

    • New2BMW says:

      Well said Lewis,

      I’ve heard stories from some friends that drive mercedes cars. Really horrible stories, it’s almost disgusting what people do. One of them said some guy was not going at the stop sign on purpose, he said I honked and he didn’t go.

      he said he got out of his car trying to look like a macho, and probably assumed that i’m not the type of guy that would get in a fight, you know some “faggot in a mercedes”
      anyway my friend got out the car and took off his belt and held it up and yelled “What now you little shit? what is it?”

      he said the guy had a priceless look on his face all shocked not expecting it.

      SO yeah, I can totally see what asshole means now.

      Again, V8 engine in a small city and for a daily commute is for assholes, those are the real selfish assholes.

      • BMW sucks says:


        I always thought S50B30 was one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery ever brought to this world. Clearly, I know nothing about cars when compared to you, cuz u kno a guy who knoz a guy. And how many BMWs percentage wise are equipped with the V8? AFAIK majority of them run M50, M52, M54 and N series engines, which are inline engines. Hate BMWs, but clearly all the “critics” here are incredible drivers and have extensive knowledge about cars. Just a point worth mentioning.

    • Gianni says:

      Well that’s has just underlined the fact that BMW drivers are angry people doesn’t it? And ditto for ‘Bimmer’!

      BMW’s are not superior to Mercedes just to make that clear!

      Want class – buy an Alfa Romeo

      • BMW sucks says:

        God forbid buying an Alfa.

        They are class cars, but engineering wise they are made by monkeys. Yanks make Stangs and Vettes, which are not particularly sophisticated, but at least they are reliable. In an Alfa 159, to replace clutch you have to remove the whole engine. What a classy piece of shite. 156 rusts faster than pure iron, and 147 is just junk. 166 is amazing in terms of aesthetics, but again very unreliable.

        Mercedes? Have you EVER driven a Mercedes? Especially a modern one? It squeaks everywhere – like a Chinese car. It does not handle. It breaks down every 5 seconds. Its slow. Its wasteful. And clearly, when idiots say “Mercedes is the choice of clever people” (like the “genius” author of this article), it is obvious they have never driven neither BMW nor Merc.

        Honestly? Want a good German car? Buy a Golf GTI. Original version.

    • Bill Ferguson says:

      Jealousy? You assume people are jealous because they see you in a BMW? You also assume that people in Corollas don’t make as much money as someone in a BMW. You may not be an A-hole but you sure are ignorant. Together my wife and I make into the high six figures…each and we drive Corollas. We prefer to keep our money in investments rather than in a depreciating hunk of metal under our butts. And we bought our Corollas with cash. How are those BMW payments going? Don’t assume things about people’s standing in life because of a car you see them driving.

    • Sam says:

      Ha ha ha, the old jealously argument, listen people of low social standing need to prove to others, by dripping up on credit ironically, that they can ‘afford’ a Brain Mind Washed ultimate fail machine, it’s not jealously it’s simple marketing which you have fallen for.

    • Sam says:

      I forgot to mention that no-one is jealous of a car that’s so common, lots of brainwashed people out there buying into the marketing, every 3rd car is a BM, hardly exclusive, but just like the religious followers they can’t see it.

  5. bmwnwestplano says:

    guys grow up

  6. New2BMW says:

    Well well…
    I drove one recently, I drove several different cars, liked Nissans, but it’s a whole different when you drive a BMW or a Mercedes. When I drove the BMW…it just felt so different, very different than anything else.

    And as far as BMW’s go. I get really excited when I see guys who are young like me driving BMW’s instead of a stupid low end mustangs. I’m not sure about this asshole theory, but it is a very nice ride

    Some activities like skateboarding or running/jogging in the morning while wearing shoes that provide balance and comfort for you to run, makes you feel fresh and in control.
    That is the exact feeling I had when I drove it, and it was not even a newer model, probably 7 years old.

    Younger guys driving a BMW, they’re either driving enthusiasts, or like to be proud of a good car that looks nice, or both, it doesn’t mean they’re assholes.

    The biggest assholes are Pickup truck drivers who drive a a 5.6 liter V8 engine and take it from home to the mall and live in a city not a farm or a ranch. Those are the bigger assholes. 8 miles to the gallon is selfish, absolutely selfish when you live in the suburbs or a city.

    So I realized that BMW’s are for control freaks and enthusiast. and I can’t wait to get my hands on one, for my age it’s perfect. I don’t want a merc, I’m a student still, Merc would be ridiculous.

    Now for BMW fanboys, It is literally a crime to put BMW or any other car next to Mercedes and compare, this is not rational, whether they make trucks or vans or not.
    Mercedes is at the top, I don’t like it cause it’s not as sporty and if it is, it’s probably very expensive.

  7. Ms E30 says:

    As a fellow “I only drive BMW’s!” This whole article made me proud to be that “ASSHOLE”

    • BMW rules says:

      Yes you are

      • BMW sucks says:

        Yes this cock drives an e30, it is apparently an assholemobile. Because according to you people all these gay faggots in their BMWs just rely on stability control, otherwise they are shit drivers. Oh wait! E30 does not have stability control! Again, amazing car knowledge.

  8. Hungdaddy69 says:

    Mercedes are cheap Mexican built pieces of crap

  9. Gianni says:

    Wow, it’s soooo true, and it’s been proven right here in writing. BMW drivers are angry, agressive and unpleasant people.. Well done BMW owners. You obviously have low IQs to boot..

    • BMW sucks says:

      didn’t quite catch how this article makes BMW drivers “low IQ” people. I guess you have low IQ.

      • Johnathon says:

        Well BMW may not have a low I.Q. per say, but the way bimmer drivers drive you’d think that they’ve got shit up taking in their craniums.

  10. BMW rules says:

    BMW drivers = small cocks, ugly and Chavs.
    That includes the women too..
    Say no more

    • John Smith says:

      it’s obvious you’re jealous and weren’t smart enough to make good money to afford one.

    • BMW sucks says:

      You clearly suck their cock too often mate – too familiar with their size.

      Since when “chav” is spelled with capital???

      Clearly, benefit system in the UK is amazing, since chavs drive BMWs. Damn, your country is awesome. Or is BMW now a short for “Vauxhall”???

  11. Beatermobile says:

    When driving in the center lane on the highway, the asshole on my bumper is usually driving a late model Bimmer. I drive a BMW as well, but it is 21 years old and well maintained( mostly by myself). Before this one I drove a 1974 2002 for 5 years and never felt like I teneded towards safe following distance and not weaving in and out of traffic. I always liked the quality of the design of these older models (e30, 2002) and believe a different kind of person (asshole?) drives them as opposed to the new ones that obviously have the social/economic cache.

  12. John Smith says:

    I’ve encountered way more asshole drivers who own plainer cars (corolla’s, trucks, camry’s, etc). You just don’t give as much attention to them because BMWs are more noticeable.

  13. E83 says:

    First of all with anything, it’s wrong to stereotype people. To say that all BMW drivers are assholes is wrong. Saying that, I will agree that a ton of them are. Me myself, I drive a 2004 X3 and yea, sometimes i drive like an asshole but it is not at all because of the bmw. regardless of the car i drive I would probably still drive like an asshole sometimes. I really like bmw as a car, its fast, reliable, comfortable, and has a flashy name to it. The big reason why the whole “asshole theory” comes to place and people agree is the fact that most people with money burning a hole in their pocket want to drive a status symbol. what comes to mind? BMW, Mercedes, audi, mostly euro imports. Now the people with this money usually don’t know a lot about what they are buying, or even how to drive it (east indians) and there are a lot of them driving luxury vehicles and lets be honest, they are not the best drivers, or even the kindest people on the road. So to run this short, a lot of bmw drivers are assholes, but it ins’t the bmw that makes the assholes, its the fact that assholes are drawn to them because of theur status. Bmw is a very well made, reliable car. Exactly why a car enthusiast like myself loves them. As for BMW vs Mercedes? Thats a debate that will never have an outcome.

  14. Mike says:

    BMW drivers are assholes.

    No arguments here. And yes, I have the money
    to afford one of those pieces of crap.

    I was friends with someone that owned a car
    repair center.

    He would converse friendly with the customer, and as soon as he left. The nasty comments about
    the crappy cars came out. Over priced parts and
    even the special oil they use is a joke.

    The fact that people here in the US choose a BMW as their car proves what self centered, evil, un-American jerks they are.

    • BMW sucks says:

      What an amazing knowledgeable mechanic he is. Or is it yet another lie? Sounds like it.

      Firstly, there is a whole bunch of universally acclaimed BMW engines: M10, M40, M50, M52, M54, S14, S50, S54.

      Secondly, BMW parts prices are not any higher than for any other German car. Merc is the most expensive, Audi and BMW are on par.

      Finally, “Special oil” BMW uses is Castrol Edge (formerly Castrol TWS). I’ve been using it in my AJ16 for 350 thousand miles (that is – more than half a million kilometers for you), rotating assembly is still good. Compression is still good.

      Funny how everybody mentions small genitalia, but in reality its haters who usually have one.

      • Johnathon says:

        WRONG! BMWs are one of the MOST expensive german autos to service and repair. Repairs are frequent and pricey, and people who think that they’re getting a “hell of a deal” on a used older BMW are ignorant tards who didn’t do any research on these cars. The forth generation 3 series was famous for its premature automatic transmission failure, rear sub frame fracturing, numerous electrical problems, early bushing replacement, etc. That’s just the 3 series. Say some lowly clerk at McDonald’s spots a used 1998 7 series for “only” $6,000. Ok, the car looks clean and will “be the envy of her hood” She buys the car thinking, I got me a BMW! Now “everyone” will think I’m rich! Uh, oh! The check engine light comes on! The BMW is taken to a gas station of which the mechanic doesn’t have the necessary software to diagnose BMWs because most of his customers drive Fords, Chevys, Dodges and Hondas. So she takes the lumbering 7 series to a euro car specialist. Uh, oh! It turns out the old bimmer has a plethora of codes showing faults. The McDonald’s clerk asks, “how much it cost me to fix?” The mechanic fearful to relay the costs, in a near whisper says, “a minimum of $7,000.” An ambulance is summonsed to resuscitate the poor lady after getting the morbid prognosis of her “new bimmer.” A lesson learned: don’t EVER buy a used BMW. If you gotta have one then lease it. Case closed.

    • Johnathon says:

      Mike, you are one of the few on this board who knows what he’s talking about! BMW when new costs $$$$$$$$$$; BMW when the warranty expires grants the owner, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  15. Bill says:

    BMW drivers are not any more of an asshole than any other drivers on the road. Are they proud of their cars? Yes, I hope so, but this doesn’t make them assholes. I drive and audi but have owned bmw in the past and would be happy to go back. The Germans make a quality car and if you people are jealous I suggest you get one of your own. They are not any more expensive than your big obnoxious pick up trucks. Like someone else here said these are the real stupid assholes. As soon as they see a nice car on the road they assume it is a prick driving it, so they do anything they can to make us mad. Now they wonder why we “act” like assholes sometimes. It is because of people like this.
    I am a car enthusiast and I will always have a bmw and/or audi in my stable. It is the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, that says the same about people and only putting 20% down on a house, right?

    • Johnathon says:

      Ok, I won’t limit BMW drivers as the only arrogant, clueless, assholes endangering drivers who are trying to obey the safety laws, it’s Audi and VW drivers too. Jetta drivers! The smart ass 20 something females in Jettas! And they’re rarely good looking young women in those Jettas at that! And dare I say Prius drivers are dicks?!?!?! I didn’t know Priuses came equipped with turn signals until (it’s a miracle!!!) a Prius driver illuminated hers to make a lane change the other day!!! Hypermiling while yacking away on their Bluetooth. Still a lowly Prius will waaaaaay outlast any BMW, Audi, Porsche, or any american make.

  16. MARCO says:

    What does this repeated phrase ” good money” mean? I make ” good money”.
    How many of the typical BMW driver is leasing it because he/she
    Can’t really afford it. Affording it means you negotiate a fair price and
    Pay cash. Your only other debt should be a mortgage.
    I bet those BMW owners are more common than not. They are
    Posers who aren’t well off. At best they have high income but low
    Net Worth.

    • BMW sucks says:

      Paying 50-120K in cash? Have you ever seen that much money in cash? It’s not like buying your 500 buck Civic.

    • Spud Boy says:

      Its not a case of BMW, Audi or Merc really, its the attitude of the drivers when they think they own the road & will tail gate you in 30 or 40 mph zones when you are sticking to that limit, why do they think they are above the law ? They are all ASSHOLES !

  17. Joe says:

    Wow, I can’t believe people actually think like this. That’s like saying all black people are criminals. People are actually assholes to BMW drivers on purpose because they assume they are assholes. What does that say about everyone else?

    • BMW sucks says:

      All BMW drivers are faggots
      All black people steal cars
      All jews are pigs
      All Asians have small dicks
      All Indians are greedy
      All Muslims are terrorists

      …and only me is perfect

    • Johnathon says:

      Statistically most violent crimes are committed by African Americans and Hispanics. Though virtually all serial killers are white males. Ted Bundy actually had a genius level I.Q. and Jeffery Dahmer was considered to be quite academically introverted. With my observations on the open road BMW drivers are some of the biggest dick-heads in their leather lined 400hp cocoons.

  18. Kevin says:

    I’m 16 and drive a 2002 BMW 330i. It’s so fast and so fun to drive and I just think whoever hates BMW either has never driven one or can’t afford one.

  19. BMW sucks says:

    To the “author” of this very scientific article, full of unbiased discussion and well balanced common sense:

    BMW drivers wipe their arseholes with you because you are toilet paper to them. You have probably been sexually molested by your boss who drives a BMW. That made you angry, but being powerless commoner you cannot do anything – those who have big bucks and drive those Nazimobiles, unfortunately, rule the world, and for that matter can have you any time they want – and in any position they want. I give you an excellent idea – puncture tyres of these stupid BMWs while they are stationary and owners do not see (be careful not to be caught – or you will be raped again, this will lead to elevated levels of anxiety and depression).

    But seriously – chill. You might find out that looking at things and laughing instead of accumulating anger makes world a bit easier on your arsehole.

    Jaaaaaag driver

  20. Sean says:

    How does an arsehole (aka, BMW driver/owner) find this article to begin with, so that they are able to comment here.

    After all, I only found it because I had been noticing arsehole behaviour from BMW drivers around here, and wanted to know if others held the same opinion.

    Why would a BMW driver make the same web-search?

    Did they suspect others thought they were arseholes (because they knew how nastily they used the roads) ?

    Did they know they were arseholes, and wanted some sort of satisfying confirmation ?

    Or were they referred to it by some other victim of BMW driver behaviour (and were perhaps unaware of what others thought of them until now) ?

  21. Bm says:

    I have owned Mercs, Bmw, Mercedes! Land rover, Ford, Toyota, Subaru, peugeot, and others, I am 30 years old and I can tell you now that the Bmw itself is a good reliable well built car but I must admit that it is frustrating that the majority of these drivers are dicks ,some drive around as if there gods gift making themselves think their in a Ferrari the way they present themselves. Sad but true, I usually feel sorry for these people as they mostly tend to not have much in life other than the car they drive and the 15 minute commute to and from work being the highlight of their day. nice!

  22. justin G says:

    Their is no doubt that although some BMW drivers “MAY” , In fact be assholes, NOT ALL BMW owners are! Statically a higher percentage of BMW owners are courteous, more intelligent and happier in life then most. With all due respect to the , obviously envious, poor Sap with the little dick that thought to take the time to trash the all SUPERIOR Automobile and the higher educated individuals who drive them, Don’t pass Judgement based on your one or two crossed experiences. Sell that 1990 sentra, or ur piece a shit toyota, pay for college, earn some money, have a penis enlargement operation, grow some balls, shut ur hole and step up to the real world of motorin!!! Of course that said BMW perhaps, may not lower their standards and sell you a vehicle, but hey its a step in the right direction, you stupid ignorant ass!!!
    Of course , always respectfully composed. ;)

    • Johnathon says:

      Justin G, The correct spelling is (there) not (their). Please make a note of that. And rest assured… BMW drivers are mostly clueless, ruthless, cretins on the road with psychopathic tendencies. Cheerie-O:)

  23. chris says:

    well all I have to say is that everyone out there that thinks that bmw drivers are assholes are probably right but this only becones true by means of perspective. I am me I am great I drive a great car. you are you you are a fag you don’t drive a great car. I just wouldn’t feel like me without my bmw. you feel like you in your toyota or mercedes or nissan, I couldn’t. The machine that I own is directly proportional to what I need in every way, being design, performance and everything else that cones with it. It does not make me as it cannot think on its own. Its only what my mind and my ability to reason considers a substantial effort to accomodate and coincide with who I am. everything else is preety much crap driven by fags.

  24. Nick says:

    I drive a 330ci that I recently purchased and a 325i for a year before that. Many people have been acting differently towards me since my purchase of it (Red 2 door). I don’t know if it’s because its a red coupe, but anyway I believe the perspective of this whole thing is out of proportion. I love all kinds of cars on the road, especially ones people take car of / mod themselves. I have met many people that drive bmw’s that are complete assholes when I drove my grand prix in high school, but you need to understand we all aren’t like this. What else is >10k with under 90k miles which handles/performs as a bmw? There are a few out there but not too many. Btw most people who buy bmw’s to show off purchase older models with high mileage and are generally the assholes.

    I also do frame off restorations on 66-70 gto’s (NO Tri-Powers!) so this may have made me more modest in my life through hard work and my fathers instructions of respect in other people as well as their possessions.

  25. Mechanic says:

    Many of you keep using the term “fag”. I presume by fag you mean homosexual. Guess that makes me a fag.
    I also happen to be an auto mechanic. I work in an independent repair shop that specializes in German/European cars.

    My opinion of BMW drivers: Maybe a little worse than rest of us. Might be because when we see a bimmer we watch for bad behavior and if they screw up we make a note of it. A “gotcha” moment.

    My opinion of BMW cars: In my experience BMWs need repairs more often than the Mercedes, Audi, Volks that we see in our shop. Why you ask? The owners seem less interested in doing the expensive maintenance that these cars require. The ones I see are purchased used. Maybe they paid so much that they can’t afford maintenance? The responses I get when I tell them they need $1500 in parts, and the that does not include labor. Then you really see the asshole come out!

    Whatever the reason, I can attest that in the real world BMWs are not great in terms of reliability unless they get the expensive care they require. If properly cared for I’d put them on a par with a Chevy, not awful but not stellar. VWs on the other hand seem to go a long way on regular oil changes, tire rotations and wiper blades… and not need much else. Especially the newer ones, like mid 1990s and newer.

    btw…. I drive a 2013 Hyundai GT and an ’04 Dodge pickup. My guy, well he likes Mercedes and yes, he gets his maintenance for free ;-)

  26. Loafer says:

    We all look for different things in a car. A bit of our personality influences our decision when purchasing a vehicle as well as our budget. For me I want a car that looks good, is fun to drive, is quick, economical on fuel, reliable, has advanced engineering, safe and has a low depreciation value. For me the BMW 320D MSPORT is all this but then it has won What Car best executive car a few times.

    Yes, you will get assholes driving BMW’s and any other car come to that but you’ll also find assholes driving huge Land Rovers in the city and you have to question why such a huge 4×4 in an urban environment with a shitty mpg. I think their buying decision is based more on their stupidity.

    I used to think BMW’s drivers were assholes until I bought one. Now I know they are just smug bastards with one of the best cars on the road.

    • Johnathon says:

      Loafer: Most BMW drivers that I encounter ARE pricks! And I say good luck to you with your bimmer purchase. You’re gonna need all the luck you can get owning a bimmer. BIG $$$$$$$$$$ in repairs and maintenance=BIG $$$$$$$$ sucked out of your savings. If someone has to have a BMW then lease one; don’t buy it. This is especially true for a used BMW. Bad news!! Don’t you know that BMW has stood for all these years? “Broke my wallet.” And in time it shall”) My neighbor had a 2002 BMW 3 series that had its automatic transmission fail. $6,000.00 to replace a ZF automatic tranny with only 73K on the clock! He drives a Lexus now.

      • Tim says:

        Would you mind sharing how you encounter the BMW drivers ? is it while checking on your wife taking care business on the back seat of the bimmer?

  27. Johnathon says:

    The thing I’ve noticed is that most Porsche, BMW and Mercedes drivers tend to be short balding men. This is especially true for Porsche drivers. I guess those little men have to compensate for their lack of manliness someway by driving an automobile that gives their little pee-pee’s a stiffie. In other words many of the drivers of these cars are arrogant little pricks.

    • Tim says:

      You either have a beautiful wife, or are very much in love that would hate to let her go.. Which one is it ?

      you fucking doorknob!!

  28. Ewt says:

    I must say that i agree with the theory of arrogant, proud, obnoxious BMW drivers. They think they own the road cause their car is a BMW. I own a Seat Exeo ST which is not my personal choice but since having it i have loved every minute of it. It takes on most diesel BMW’s both in corners, straights and in style. All this crap about them being fastest and best in corners is a whole load of trash. It is all down to the drivers skill and ability. One of my first cars was a 1.2 Vauxhall Nova and i beat a 640i BMW. Yes he was of a different nationality than me (me being english) and yes he was totally riled but he did not know how to use his car. I have had many a run in with BMW drivers. Look at the biggest customer, the Police force. All motorway cops are arrogant and cocky they use their power and the BMW to make themselves look big and important and most of them have little mans syndrome. I will never own a BMW (unless i could find a E46 at the right price which i would use as a track car) because you make enemies at first sight of most people. Some BMW drivers are decent but most of them belong in the land of the knob’s. I love looking in my rear view mirror and seeing the BMW eating dust :)

  29. Marka says:

    This is such BS..I am not “short balding man”, not a “drug dealer”, and not an “asshole”. I am a female and I just happen to love germans cars especially bmws . I have had two bmws and 3 Mercedes in my life and I love them. And I did have Toyotas, hondas as well. And to ” To people of class the obvious choice would be a fine Mercedes. To “step on anyone to get up the corporate ladder type” the BMW is just the same because they just don’t know the difference.” Well, I have a Bmw M3 and Mercedes. Now what??? I think, all of it is full bs. These are just preferences. Some people don’t care about cars or what they drive, but they rather put their money into a $2000 flat screen TV. Well, I don’t care about TV, I rather put my money into cars as that’s what I like. And in regards to investing into something that depreciates vs something that is not, that’s true!! But that’s what makes ME happy. I like cars and that’s where I want and choose to spend my money on because that’s what makes ME happy. And yes, its expensive and maintenance and all that. But I live once and that’s how I choose to live. I am not an asshole, not arrogant, not a drug dealer. Most of those comments are ridiculous and ignorant. BMWs are great cars and fun to drive!! And Mercedes as well!

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  31. BimmerBoy says:

    Actually MUSTANG owners are the assholes of the world -_-

  32. SURANG says:

    from what I see on my daily commute, its a high performance car with low performance drivers ( for the most part)

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  36. kakky says:

    I work for a BMW dealer in a successful city. The people who drive them are almost as much as a complete write off as the sacks of over programmed garbage they drive. You’d think people who could afford such an over valued car would be smart enough to realize that we are hosin’ the crap out of them. But they don’t. The only reason they think its the ultimate driving experience is because they are too pretentious to drive ANYTHING else. Oh well. You ever get to tell a false bitchtits she’s got to wait a month to get her navigation unit into the shop? Its strangely satisfying in a depressing sort of way.

  37. EvilE60Dave says:

    I hate to comment on something posted so long ago, but heres my story. Im just an average asshole, and years ago I worked for an atypical BMW driving, conceited douches that had an E46 BMW M3. He didnt know shit about cars and thought the guys at Belle tire would rip him off when they laid eyes on his Rolex and gaudy Italian shoes, so he asked me to take his M3 in for him and get the rubber replaced with his debit card. Up until this point in my life the nicest car I had ever driven was a Jaguar Xj8. So I took the M3,all I knew of the M3 was what car & driver told me, which was that Jesus would drive one. As soon as I took the corner at average speed, I loved it. It almost felt hand built, and was so tight, and rewarding that I knew I must have one. I realized how expensive they were, and I was only 17. So I worked and saved until I could afford a 95′ E36 smg M3 lightweight. It had a bad slave cylinder that no mechanic could diagnose (at least that’s what the mechanics told the previous owner before suggesting a new trans was his only choice) so I got a great deal on it. It was perfect in every way in my eyes. It wasn’t pretty, but mechanically sound. I did was 18 year olds do and, installed a K&N cold air, dynomax exhaust and many autozone slap ons. I beat the shit out of it until around 250,000 miles when everything started to go. So I went back to American cars. I had an 04′ Lightning, 00′ Camaro SS, an F-150 4×4, and a Fusion when my Son was born. The SS and Lightning were both faster than my M3 ever was, but never as fun. So as an adult I decided I wanted another BMW. Again, I had to save for years, as I’m only a Electromechanical Technician, and needed something big enough for my kids. My wife has an 08′ Impala Ltz so we have a reliable car already. I drove a Mercedes C55 AMG and loved it even though it was high mileage,and was planning on purchasing it. It had some issues, but I was an ASE certified engine tech before, so I could work it out. The night before going to buy the Merc, I found a BMW 545i sport for a little more money than the Merc. It was all Black, with black rims, and had a word I couldn’t make out on the back from the pictures. I went to the dealership the next morning to see it, and it was beautiful to me. Say what you will, but some of these cars are simply stunning. This onky in glossy black, with matching 18′s and the word Dinan on the left side of the trunk. I arranged a test drive and as soon as I pulled off the lot I knew I had to have it. It had this thing called active steering with allows the wheels to camber relative to driving. Was Stage 2 Dinan tune, exhaust, and ecu. It felt like a 2000 lb car when handling. Had power for days, and a musical exhaust note from the 4.4 litre V8. That was a year ago with 49,000 miles. Ive had it ever since. It could be rusted to hell and multi colored and I would still love it as I do now. I love to drive. Handling ability is far more important than speed for me, and its incredibly luxurious. When I drive it, people often want to test it at the red lights, and rev up while trying to make eye contact. Its those times when I look down and pretend to mess with my radio or look for something. I didnt buy it to show off, or to try and feel super cool and race people at red lights. I bought it because Im passionate about cars, and driving, and I love to take it to the track as much as I can in the summer. In my price range (40k or less) I could not have a more rewarding driver than this. Sure a Wrx or Evo would be a blast, and Ive driven two Sti’s and loved them but, its a totally different feel. I love my car, I love its looks, sounds, quirks, and all. I drive carefully and dont street race because I want to have it for as long as I can. I know carolla drivers that make plenty mkre than my wife and I. I am not rich by any means, but im comfortable, and try to make good financial decisions, and take care of my family and home. I have seen and met other BMW drivers that are dicks, and drive like morons, but not all of us. Some of us just love cars. Some will never understand because living closer to work, and commuting shorter distances are important to them. Anyone that loves cars, and the way cars handle however, all should drive a V8, or Boosted BMW at least once for a one of a kind driving experience. Sorry for the long ass story. E60 :-D

  38. Sean says:

    The American Revolutionary War was won by George Washington in a Dodge Challenger; similar cannot be said of BMW. Go MOPAR!

    Also, when I do hit my midlife crisis, I will only consider BMW if the hands of Jehovah and Lucifer unite to forge one together. Never gonna happen.

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